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Be Empowered To Create

Connect with other artists and take your artistic journey to the next level




You’re Not Alone

Artists like you are the heart and soul of the Albany Area. You deserve to be part of a thriving artistic community that inspires you to create your best work and live your dreams.


Be the artist you were born to be.

The AAAN provides meaningful connection to help your creativity and sense of purpose thrive.

Be Empowered

Gain the confidence and skills you need to grow as an artist and advance your career through networking opportunities and community support.

Get Educated

Develop new skills and deepen your knowledge of artistic and business disciplines with virtual and in-person training opportunities.

Find Opportunity

Get matched with opportunities to showcase your work through promoted exhibitions, performances, and public events.

We care about our community and we care about you.

Created And Managed By Artists

The AAAN was created and is run exclusively by a team of local artists as an initiative of the Albany Area Arts Council.

Supporting The Arts Since 1976

The Albany Area Arts Council has been committed to furthering the arts in the Albany Area for over 47 years.

How To Benefit From The AAAN

Get Listed

Create an Artist Profile to be listed in our public Artist Directory.

Get Connected

Meet other members and share your work at exclusive AAAN shows and events.

Get Noticed

Build your audience as you build your reputation as a talented local artist.

Leave the frustration behind – be part of a community that exists to cheer you on

Our mission is to build a thriving community of artists and arts professionals in Southwest Georgia. The Albany Area Artist Network (AAAN) is dedicated to providing resources, support, and education to help our members grow and succeed in their artistic endeavors. Through collaboration and promotion, we aim to increase the visibility and impact of the artists in our community.


Don't wait any longer, take control of your artistic career today